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Christmas Wank Party 2005, December 24, 2005
Jaromir Foglar's Helping Hand, December 18, 2005
Jakub Smetana & Vanko Rybka, December 14, 2005
School Daze #5, December 11, 2005
Apprentices: Miroslav Tabor & Jan Panenka, December 07, 2005
Thanksgiving Wank Party, December 04, 2005
Jaromir Foglar & Lumir Kowalski, November 30, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #7, November 27, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #7, November 24, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #6, November 20, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #6, November 16, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #5, November 13, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #5, November 09, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #4, November 06, 2005
Daniel Marhoul & Milan Wolf, November 02, 2005
Halloween 2005 Wank Party, October 30, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #4, October 26, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #3, October 23, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #3, October 19, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #2, October 16, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #2, October 12, 2005
Jirka Gregor, The Topper, Scene #1, October 09, 2005
Ice Dreams, Scene #1, October 05, 2005
Marian Broz, Gonzo, October 02, 2005
Lubor Korba, Daniel Marhoul & Milan Wolf, September 28, 2005
A Wank In The Woods: Naked Volleyball, September 25, 2005
Janek Novotny & Tomas Duman, September 21
Jan Jankovic vs Marian Broz, September 18
Radim Kalvoda & Jan Voser, September 14
Ladislav Bohar's Czech Up, September 11
Honza Benek & Viktor Holub, Bodypainting, September 07
Apprentices: Richard Burian & Pavel Matous, September 04
Michal Santos, Jirka Gregor & Zdenek Langer, August 31
School Daze #4, August 28
Ivan Bartok, Ludvig Hofta & Boris, August 24
Filip Jozifek vs Vlado Meduna, August 21
Marek Schneider, Vasil Dudlajev & Oleg, August 17
Apprentices: Honza Benek & Marek Schneider, August 14
Olda Ptacek, Pavel Matous, & Lukas Pika, August 10
Michal Santos, Czech Up, August 07
Oliver Sekora & Karel Herman, August 03
Richard Burian & Cristiano Dante, Massage, July 31
Vlado Meduna, Gonzo, July 27
Ladislav Karban's Helping Hand, July 24
Marian Borovy & Ladislav Bohar, July 20
Apprentices: Krystof Nikolas & Ivan Bartok, July 17
Pavel Matous, Gonzo, July 13
Filip Hoffman vs Michal Santos, July 10
Ivan Bartok & Ladislav Bohar, July 06
Janek Novotny & Marek Schneider, July 03
Ladislav Karban & Martin Korba, June 29
Apprentices: Olda Ptacek & Lukas Pika, June 26
Daniel Konrad & Janek Novotny, June 22
Ladislav Bohar's Helping Hand, June 19
Lukas Pika's Gonzo, June 15
Jirka Gregor & Michal Santos, June 12
Antonin Rous & Miro Trojan, June 08
Ladislav Bohar vs Janek Novotny, June 05
Richard Burian & Jakub Cermak, June 01
Cristiano Dante & Jan Jankovic, May 29
Pepa, The Charmer, Gonzo, May 25
Ivan Bartok's Czech Up, Massage, May 22
Ladislav Bohar, Massage, May 18
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #6, May 15
Michal Santos, Helping Hand, May 11
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #5, May 08
Cristiano Dante's Czech Up, May 04
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #4, May 01
Ivan Bartok & Jan Jankovic, April 27
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #3, April 24
Marian Borovy vs Cristiano Dante, April 20
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #2, April 17
Miro Trojan & Richard Burian, April 13
Inside Jirka Gregor, Scene #1, April 10
Ludovit Sodovka & Adam Salda, April 06
Helping Hands: Milan Vokoun & Radim Vokoun, April 03
Eda Rieger & Olda Ptacek, March 30
Richard Burian & Pavel Matous, Easter 2005, March 27
Vasil Dudlajev & Lukas Pika, March 23
Attila Tepich, March 20
Ivan Bartok & Marian Borovy, March 16
Jirka Gregor & Lukas Pika, March 13
Petrus Medek & Zdenek Langer, March 09
Eda Rieger's Helping Hand, March 06
Marek Schneider & Toma Dvorak, March 02
DreamBook, Scene #5, February, 27
Jakub Kostka & Zdenek Langer, February, 23
Marek Schneider, February, 20
Ivan Bartok & Jiri Kalina, February, 16
DreamBook, Scene #3, February, 13
Daniel Konrad & Radek Velky, February, 09
DreamBook, Scene #2, February, 06
Marek Pankrac & Boris, Gonzo, February, 02
DreamBook, Scene #1, January, 30
Pavel Matous & Michal Piloun, January, 26
Milan Vokoun vs Radim Vokoun, January, 23
Daniel Beroun & Daniel Cihal, January, 19
Ivan Bartok's Helping Hand, Massage, January, 16
Viktor Holub & Risa Kraus, Massage, January, 12
Bohemian Summer, Scene #5, January, 08
Daniel Beroun & Boris, Gonzo, January, 05
Happy New Year 2005, December, 31

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Background of William Higgins' Newsletters:

Early in the Year 2000 William Higgins begin writing occasional newsletters for the subscribers of EuroMilitary.Com. The purpose of the Newsletters was to keep the sites Members informed of the latest updates to the website. For anyone unfamiliar with William Higgins some background information is needed: Higgins began directing male/male erotic films in Hollywood, California, in 1977. After a long career based in the Los Angeles area, early in 1988, Higgins began a world tour. He intended the tour to last from six months to one year. And along the route he wanted to direct films from exotic locals. He directed one film in Australia. From there he moved onto Europe, after brief stops in Hong Kong, Thailand, and India. After touring Spain and Portugal, Higgins settled down in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Holland was a choice that Higgins drifted into because many of his business colleagues lived there. From his Amsterdam base, Higgins directed one film who story centered around the Berlin wall. Unfortunately, after completion of photography, most of the film's star, a German, dental student who had second thoughts after completing his work. Higgins did not have enough footage remaining to release the film on which he'd worked for six months and was mightily discouraged. In the meantime, he became involved in establishing a Hollywood Style 'Drakes' adult shop on Damrak Street in Amsterdam and without any intention drifted away from filmmaking for about eight years.

Higgins says that he'd long had a fascination with Prague, starting even before Prague Spring in 1968. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall, Higgins made his first trip to Prague. He says that it was an 'acquired taste.' But within a few months of his first visit, he began planning to move to Prague. With a lot of difficulty in those 'cowboy' days he established a 'Drakes of Prague.' During this period, Higgins told everyone who asked, "I am retired from filmmaking. I never intend to pick up a camera again."

During the following years entrepreneurial work at Drakes was completed. Higgins says that he'd hired an excellent manager of Drakes 'who could run the place better than me, and I found myself out of a job and bored to death.' In the meantime, Higgins turned down 'too many requests to keep track of' to resume his directorial career. Finally about three years ago, at the urging of Dirk Yates, Higgins took up directing again as a 'retirement hobby.' His 'hobby' has grown into a large ensemble of cast and crew. 'However,' Higgins says, 'I have and will always keep a different motivation nowadays. The work will always be my art and not the source of my daily bread. If my current productions look different from what I produced in the '80s, that the primary reason why. The other reason is that I'm a lot older, and hopefully wiser. With age, you tend to see things with a differently. Rembrandt had an old style, and so do I.' Thus begin what Jerry Douglas calls: "The Comeback of William Higgins." Now, a few words about these newsletter that can be accessed through the links below. The most recent newsletter will always be posted at the top list of URLs. The farther that a reader moves down the list, the older the Newsletters get. Higgins, who has always fended off requests to write his memoirs, started adding a few comments to the Newsletters about what happened during the shoots. Hundreds of readers began writing Higgins saying that they loved being 'a fly on the wall of his shoots' and requested more and more inside information. "I decided that I would tell what really happened," Higgins says, "if it was a great shoot, I'd write that. But if things went horribly wrong, I'd tell that too. The readers really appreciate the honest approach. It makes them sort of feel like a part of our family. They can always sus out the false hype anyway. And, the sun don't shine every day darlin's." The Higgins Newsletter was primarily intended for paid subscribers of EMA. But Higgins says that he has found that thousands of non-subscribers love reading his 'inside stories.' So, the Newsletter is available free to non-subscribers of EMA as well.

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